Lower freight costs 20% with Loadsmart Managed Transportation

Leverage a dedicated team of seasoned logistics experts to help find savings, build a custom solution, and execute end-to-end logistics on your behalf.

Use this calculator to see how much Loadsmart Managed Transportation can save you on freight!

We’ve gathered data from real organizations currently leveraging Loadsmart Managed Transportation solutions to develop a calculator that predicts how much your company could be saving!

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    Would you like to see more savings?

    Discover how much you could save on Carrier Rates and with Freight Audit, and see your estimated Cumulative Transportation Savings, too!

    The freight market is dynamic, are you agile enough to take advantage of it?

    We combine human and machine intelligence to help you stay on top of a dynamic market. With unparalleled market visibility, Loadsmart creates a robust network strategy that balances near-term predictability and long-term adaptability.

    Business intel to reduce costs and
    deliver better customer experiences

    Finding insights can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

    Whether it’s negotiating better rates, finding the optimal spot to contract mix, benchmarking or order optimization, Loadsmart makes your data easy to understand and take action on.

    Turn your data in to savingsShipper Guide dashboard screen
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    Managed Transportation that drives efficiency and cost savings

    Let Loadsmart handle your end-to-end logistics,
    so your team can focus on what matters most

    “This is incredible work... it’s just amazing what you’ve done.”
    Danillo FigueiredoVP of Supply Chain, 1440 Foods

    Start seeing savings in 90 days or less

    Whether you’re managing operations in-house or changing providers,
    Loadsmart can rapidly deploy a robust freight network


    2-3 weeks

    Review and analyze transportation KPIs, data, processes and infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.


    2 weeks

    Define the Loadsmart Solution elements that will deliver performance improvement and cost savings identified during the assessment phase.


    6-10 weeks

    Full implementation of the Managed Transportation Solution, including delivery team, processes, tools and technology, and performance measurement.


    90 days and beyond

    Improve performance and realize cost savings goals, while utilizing agility, expertise and experience to adapt to the ever-changing market and continuously improve the program.

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    benefits in our Resource Center

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