We are Loadsmart

We push the boundaries of innovation to help you move more with less.

Loadsmart is on a mission to transform the future of freight.

We combine cutting edge technology with deep industry expertise to fundamentally change how freight is priced, booked and shipped.

Our vision is shared by world class investors, including, Maersk Growth, Connor Capital, Chromo Invest and Ports America, who believe that with the right combination of technology and people, we can help the logistics industry move more with less.


For Shippers

Loadsmart is a place to receive instant quotes, book a truck in seconds, and track your shipment from pickup to delivery. We provide a database of curated carriers who have passed our strict compliance and safety standards, as well as a transparent and realistic live quote for the lanes you want to ship on.


For Carriers

For our elite group of carriers, Loadsmart is a place to find shipments based on your location and preferences and to manage your fleet. It’s a chance to eliminate time wasted at loadboards and grow your business.

Our goal is simple: to integrate the world of logistics so that no trailer goes empty and no miles go wasted. We want to bring all players onto an equal playing field. And we are going to help you in every step of the way.

Our mission is simple.

Leverage cutting-edge technology
and strategic partnerships to help
our shipper and carrier customers

move more with less.

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