Multimodal Services

Loadsmart’s Multimodal Services offering bridges port drayage, transload, intermodal, and over-the-road truckload FTL and LTL shipping using advanced technology. Get seamless transparency across the entire lifecycle of your shipments — from the port, to the transload facility, over-the-road trucks, and, ultimately, to your final destinations.

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Get one invoice for your entire move, minimizing unnecessary accessorial costs.

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Ensure your multimodal shipments arrive fast and on-time without having to rely on fixed train schedules.

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Follow goods from the moment they are available at the port through at their final destination.

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Know what goods, down to the individual package level, have been loaded on to what trucks and their location at all times.

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Cut down administrative overhead and work with one provider for your entire move.

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Rest easy knowing our award-winning operations team is backing you up on every move.

Port Drayage

Port Drayage

Unparalleled visibility + cost control for your drayage shipments

Loadsmart Transit, our free online platform, makes it easy to price and tender port drayage shipments in seconds. We’ve even integrated with port operators, truckers, and warehouses so you can improve visibility with real-time tracking and control costs with automated empty management.



Control costs and improve efficiency by seamlessly moving goods from containers to over-the-road transportation

Loadsmart’s Transload offering bridges the gap between port drayage and over-the-road trucking, providing you greater flexibility, service and cost control when compared to rail. Our free web-based platform, Loadsmart Transit, enables warehouses to assign each PO to a trailer, so you can track goods down to the piece level, so you know what goods, from what containers, have been loaded onto what trucks.

Smart Scheduling

Improve on-time service by automatically selecting the best possible appointment time

Once you tender a shipment to Loadsmart, our Smart Scheduling technology automatically selects the best possible appointment by analyzing estimated travel time and other factors. For locations utilizing a dock management system, appointments can even be selected and confirmed automatically. Should a driver’s ETA change, appointments can be instantly adjusted while enroute.

The fastest way to price, book and track a shipment without a TMS

Transit, our award-winning web-based platform, is the simplest way to price, book and track your FTL, LTL, and Port Drayage shipments. Sign up now and get your first quote in seconds.

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