Mode Optimization

Select from multiple instantly bookable modes for a single shipment.

The best mode for your load, always

Access dynamic market rates for multiple modes and equipment types. With reliable options and instantly bookable rates across modes including rail, LTL, PTL, and FTL, you can optimize your shipments for sustainability, cost, and expediency. Mode optimization can be done automatically based on your business rules fed into an AI system, manually selected within your TMS or via your Loadsmart account manager.

Not sure which mode meets your freights’ requirements? You’re not alone. Loadsmart’s logistics experts are here to provide you with fast options and custom workflows catered to meet your goals. Move freight with confidence in knowing that every shipping decision — whether automated or manual — is fully informed and in line with your objectives.

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Achieve Sustainability

Choose the best mode to meet your emission targets

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Lower Costs

Reduce overspending on freight with more options

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Optimize Moves

Leverage data and insights to improve your decision making

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Transform your TMS

Quote and book real-time rates for multiple modes in your TMS

Move more with less CO2

Whether you’re quoting instant rates for multiple modes or working with your transportation specialist, you’ll always have the ability to move your freight with the lowest environmental impact. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by moving your traditional FTL loads with rail or by sharing a less-than or partial truckload.

Move more with less cost

Move more with less cost

Maximize your cost savings and increase flexibility. Receive multiple instantly bookable mode options for a single shipment and reduce costs by 20-50%.

Automated mode selection

Automated mode selection

Loadsmart can implement business rules aligned to your unique requirements to allow the AI system to automatically select your “best” mode, eliminating the need for manual decision making.

Mode optimization consultations

Mode optimization consultations

Take advantage of a free mode optimization consultation. Share your shipping objectives and receive insights on multiple mode options for your freight.

Additionally, our account managers run on-going historical and predictive data analysis to share insights that inform your future decisions.

Available Modes


Price and book dry, reefer, and flatbed instantly with access to 24/7 capacity


Price and book PTL, volume LTL, and LTL instantly with access to 24/7 capacity


Price and book Rail, ship high volume freight, reduce fuel costs and emissions

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