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Quote and book up to thousands of shipments in seconds with the tools you rely on everyday.

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Save by leveraging instant market-based pricing in your spot auction, routing guide and/or spreadsheets.

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Get near real-time tracking and status updates delivered directly to your TMS via API/EDI.

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Know your loads will be covered instantly with guaranteed 100% tender acceptance at our quoted rate.

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Stay focused on the stuff that matters with automated invoicing delivered direct to your TMS.

TMS Integrations

We’ve partnered with industry leading TMS providers so you can integrate with Loadsmart for free and in as little as five minutes.

Dynamic Routing Guide

The problem with traditional routing guides is that when your primary carrier rejects a load, you’re forced to rely on backup rates that are typically only adjusted once or twice a year, resulting in overpayment. Valuable time is also lost when each backup carrier takes anywhere up to two hours to respond.

Loadsmart’s Dynamic Routing Guide helps you improve cost savings, secure coverage faster, and avoid same day / next day markets. We do this by inserting a real-time market rate directly into your TMS’s routing guide, enabling you to instantly book loads with favorable rates and guaranteed tender acceptance.

Direct Api Access

Direct API Access

Loadsmart offers developer resources for transportation providers and shippers to integrate Loadsmart’s APIs directly into their TMS solutions.

Simple Quote

Add instant market rates to your Microsoft and Google spreadsheets

Our Simple Quote tool enables you to price and book truckload shipments in seconds directly from within a spreadsheet — without the need for a transportation management system (TMS).

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