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Actionable insights into your operations to optimize shipments and move beyond benchmarks

Give Your Freight Context

There are gaps between what public databases portray and what real-time markets provide. Shippers leveraging the available data will have a leg up on the competition for capacity, but it is not enough to reflect the past and lack context. Bridging the gap between publicly available data and real-time information is critical.

Transportation and technology partners provide context at the micro and macro level. Whether for quick, actionable insights based on lead time, detention, and mode or for sophisticated logistics solutions to transform freight planning, operations, and optimization.

The programmatic pipelines built into the supply and demand in the freight market give you a unique perspective to see actionable, real-time, aggregated freight insights as well as receive custom data insights from our team of engineers, data scientists, and industry experts.

Freight Data
Insights Report

Shippers operate most efficiently when they’re able to learn from not just their own data and insights — but from each other.

Loadsmart’s Freight Data Insights Report analyzes millions of quotes and hundreds of thousands of shipments to deliver industry-specific insights. Take a look back to look ahead.

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Average lead time
from quote to pick-up

Retail – 7.2 Days, Agriculture – 1.7 Days, Average – 6.3 Days

Your Custom Data Insights Dashboard

Provided by Loadsmart

Shippers are moving beyond benchmarks with real-time insights to operational efficiency. Know when you are paying too much detention, analyze costs enhanced by multiple data points, and eliminate top offenders to drive long-term efficiency. With enhanced data insights into your unique shipping environment, you can stop putting out fires and gain control of freight shipping.

Data Insights

Data, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing – Unless It’s Customized

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Lead time

Target lead times for your operations that avoid accessorials like detention.

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Estimated additional costs

Estimated additional costs that result from shorter lead times.

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Top Offenders

Identify top offenders driving short lead time by vendor, customer, and warehouse.

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Mode Optimization

Utilize metrics to identify savings opportunities through improved mode selection.

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Scheduling insights

Reduce unnecessary costs and poor asset utilization incurred from inefficient dock management .

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Eliminate cancellations and TONU fees for accessorials by location, mode, customer and product type.

Truck Load

Mode Optimization

Loadmart’s algorithms recognized 30% of all FTL shipments qualified as suitable for rail. Get the data and intelligence necessary to instantly compare options and make the best decision with no additional rate discovery.

Your account manager will run on-going historical and predictive analysis to share insights that will enable well-informed shipping decisions.

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