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Meet the industry veterans and business leaders working together to move freight and the logistics industry forward.

Industry Veterans. Business Leaders.
Loadsmart Leadership.

Loadsmart is a Chicago-based freight tech company founded in 2014. As the ‘nerds of logistics’, we seek intelligence in data to solve deep rooted inefficiencies in the industry. Pairing advanced technologies with deep-seated industry expertise, Loadsmart fuels growth, simplifies operational complexity and bolsters efficiency for carriers and shippers alike. We give our customers access to our data connections that link supply and demand in addition to a suite of award-winning solutions to strike the perfect balance of cost and service.

Meet our leadership team who believe in a more efficient and environmentally responsible way to move more with less.

Meet our leadership team

  • Headshot photo of Ricardo Salgado

    Ricardo Salgado

    Executive Chairman & Co-founder

  • Headshot photo of Felipe Capella

    Felipe Capella

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Headshot photo of Marcello Mastioni

    Marcello Mastioni

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Headshot photo of Tish Whitcraft

    Tish Whitcraft

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Headshot photo of Ben Buchanan

    Ben Buchanan

    SVP of Brokerage Sales

  • Headshot photo of Jim Nicholson

    Jim Nicholson

    SVP of Operations

  • Headshot photo of Gustavo Barbosa

    Gustavo Barbosa

    VP of Engineering

  • Headshot photo of Kathleen Kaag

    Kathleen Kaag

    SVP of Marketing

  • Headshot photo of Naren Shankar

    Naren Shankar

    SVP of Global Partnerships

  • Headshot photo of Giovanni Battistella

    Giovanni Battistella

    VP of Product Management

  • Headshot photo of Robb Porter

    Robb Porter

    EVP Managed Transportation

  • Headshot photo of Alain Avakian

    Alain Avakian

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Headshot photo of Amir Mirza

    Amir Mirza

    Chief Financial Officer


Industry Veterans

Jim Nicholson, SVP of Operations, and Ben Buchanan, SVP of Account Management, discuss what the opportunity at Loadsmart meant to them after years of sharpening their logistics skills at some of the country’s largest and longest-running institutions.